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Check Out Our Upcoming
Live Performances

We've invited some amazing talent to make your night on the farm like no other!

Whether it's acoustic sets or energetic acts, our diverse lineup caters to all music preferences. Join us for an evening of vibrant tunes, creating memorable moments in the cozy setting of our pop-up bar.

JD Hughes - 1.png

JD Hughes

Performing at The Love Shack Pop-Up Bar

Join us on February 10th at The Love Shack Pop-Up Bar to see the talented JD Hughes perform LIVE!

About JD

St. Louis Native, JD Hughes is a soulful and conscious songwriter. After studying and fostering a deep passion for music throughout his teenage years, JD realized that developing a career fully submerged in music was his life path. It wasn’t until overcoming a serious illness in his early 20’s that JD realized the true power of music as medicine and he has been focused on creating music with a purpose ever since. The message and sound of JD’s music, which blends elements of modern folk and roots music with hints of improvisation, allows an opportunity for the listener to explore the ideas of spirituality, mindfulness, impermanence, and balance supported by a backdrop of tasteful and poetic compositions. Aside from his original music, JD plays in the local STL music scene on a weekly basis as a cover musician whether it be a solo/duo/trio acoustic set as a looping artist, in the new original group Neon Garden (releasing in 2024) or in numerous STL cover bands (Any Major Dudes - A Steely Dan Experience, Voodoo Fleetwood, Voodoo, Bob Marley, Voodoo Jimi Hendrix, The Soul Soup Show - A Funk & Soul Experience, Samba Bom ) and various different wedding and event bands. Being inspired by a wide range of musical genres, you may never know what you will hear at a local STL event where JD is on the bill. With a desire to pass on the musical torch to others, JD also maintains a regular teaching schedule offering music lessons to aspiring musicians interested in embarking on their own musical journey.

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